Hunt Down The Ultimate Christmas Gifts With Recommendations From Father THS-MAS - Ottawa, Richmond

Hunt Down The Ultimate Christmas Gifts With Recommendations From Father THS-MAS
November 28/2023

Hunting down the perfect holiday gifts doesn’t have to give you a headache – not when you have That Hunting Store and Father THS-MAS on your side. We’ve got all the recommendations you need to get your holiday shopping lists checked off in a flash so you can get back to what we know you really want to be doing… Hunting! 

Ask any hunter and they will tell you that they wish they could predict when and where a deer would be out at their stands. While we can’t grant you superpowers, we can get you set up with a Tactacam Reveal Cellular Trail Camera! 

These cameras send pictures and videos right to your cellphone so you never have to wait until you have time to go out into the bush to get your SD card. You’ll get access to pictures and videos wherever you are for around $10-$15 a month. Two of the guys here have them and when we say that they are basically addicted to them, we are not kidding. They are constantly getting pictures sent to them, and have been able to use their cameras to figure out prime hunting locations, times, and even which bucks are worth taking a shot at. If you're curious about these, feel free to ask the guys about them when you come by the store. 

And now that the more practical hunting gift is out of the way, we’ve got a recommendation that is a little more fun, silly, and whimsical. We’ve got a limited supply of these awesome gun pillows. They come in four styles: AR-15 Rifle, Tavor Rifle, Revolver Handgun, and a Glock handgun. Half of the fun of giving gifts is to get something that will make someone laugh or smile, and these pillows are the perfect amount of goofy that are guaranteed to be a hit. 

Last but not least, we’ve got a few little stocking stuffers to complete your lists. 

Don’t worry, Father THS-MAS will bring you more recommendations as we make our way through the holiday season. 

Happy Hunting! 

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