BOXING WEEK NO TAX SALE! - Ottawa, Richmond

December 29/2022

Did you get a That Hunting Store Gift Certificate for Christmas? Or maybe Santa didn't bring exactly what you were looking for under your tree? Well you're in luck because all week long you can get everything you've been hoping for TAX FREE! 

Between December 27th - December 31st, you can get any new, in-stock, regularly priced items TAXES INCLUDED. 

That includes ammunition, shotguns, rifles, crossbows, compound bows, and everything else you can find in store! It's a great way to make those Christmas Gift Certificates go further - especially if you're looking at a bigger ticket item. It's also a good way to to finally pick up one of those super cool things you've been hearing about like a Tactacam Trail camera, a Heated Jacket, or a new set of Lacrosse Boots. 

Please keep in mind that our website is still not fully up-to-date for smaller items like clothing, accessories, and bows but all of our firearms are up to date. We're doing our best to get all the items in store online but we're a small team and it takes time. If there's something in particular you're looking for that you can't find, feel free to give us a call 613-838-8828 or even message us on Facebook and we would be happy to check the availability. 

We hope you all had a happy holidays and look forward to seeing you this week!

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