'Twas the Night Before THS-MAS - Ottawa, Richmond

'Twas the Night Before THS-MAS
August 24/2021

‘twas the night before THS-MAS
and all through the store,
the exCitement was building
to give you much more!
you cAn now senD your transfers,
a new kEy chain for fun,
eXpect some big prizes
the best yet to come!

It's almost time to gather 'round the THS-MAS tree because tomorrow morning at 9AM we will post the 12th DRAW OF THS-MAS!

Father THS-MAS definitely saved the best for last but you'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out what it is. If you trust that you're going to want what we've got saved for the grand finale and want to start sending in your transfers now, you're more than welcome. You won't be buying a magnet though; we've got brand new special edition keychains for the 12th Draw of THS-MAS and we're excited to finally show them off!

Purchase your That Hunting Store Keychain for $20 (taxes included), and each keychain purchased gets you one entry into the awesome finale package. Please make sure to include your address in your transfer so we can mail you the keychains! Same process as our other draws, jen@thathuntingstore.com and the password must be: Richmond. Itemized details of what's included and typical rules to be posted tomorrow at 9AM.

Don't forget, each entry into our finale draw will also be entered into the FATHER THS-MAS CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DRAW that will be picked on August 29th after our TAX-FREE WEEKEND sale is complete.

Once again, we'd like to thank you all for participating in our THS-MAS Celebration in honor of our 12th Anniversary. We appreciate you all so much and are excited to see what the next 12 years have in store!

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